Sunday, February 17, 2013

My week in pictures

Hii! How is your Sunday coming along? To finish off this week I am sharing some of this week's moments with you!
Which one is your favourite? :) Sundays are honestly the most unproductive days I feel, so I haven't been doing much today apart from studying a bit for uni ! Do you have a Sunday tradition?

Lots of love,


Memories of my 21st birthday in Paris:)

Cosy sweater for a cold day in London!

Drinks with good company on Valentines day:)

Eating Ben's cookies while casting models for a fashion show hehe

Uni time!

Dinner on Friday at my friends place, with yum dessert:)

Having a Thai lunch with my friend and Prince Charming:p

Sunday study day:)


  1. I wonder why this sunday is the "most unproductive day"?
    xx Lisa hehe

  2. u have a job of hiring models? what is it about and how did you get it ? is it for london fashion week?

    1. Heyy!It's not for london fashion week its for an artweek in april and the fashion show is part of it :) I am doing it with a few friends together:)