Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pretty up my home

Hii guys!

So I am in the progress of settling into my new appartment here in London (unpacking has been a nightmare!) .
I went to Ikea yesterday and bought a few cute things that I am showing you here. I love shopping there it's not expensive and you can find some really nice things! :) I am sorry for the not-so good quality of the pictures, I broke my camera ;( So I have to fix it now or buy a new one, I'm sorry if the coming pictures won't be of amazing quality but I am fixing it asap !:) Also, if you are in London at the moment you should check out the italian restaurat "Il baretto" (last picture). It's amazing food, so yum and very cosy:)

Hope you all have a great day, outfit post is coming later this evening! :)

Lots of love,


Our mini-bar that is still in progress (need to buy some nice cocktail ingridients to finish it :) )

All beige colours for the bedroom, going to put up lots of fashion posters too:)

A picture of when I went running this morning in Regent's Park :)

Yum Tuna Tartar at Il baretto


  1. hi
    this question has nothing to do with your post for today. Can you recommend a super effective face cream to make it fair and shiny + smooth ? and can you also tell me a way to keep my skin charming without makeup ?

    1. Hii! Well I use Shiseido "Pureness" as a face cream and it's really really good ! It gives the skin enough moisture for the day and makes it very smooth and fair. I used Biotherm before that and it was very good too! Ways to keep your skin charming is eating healthy and drinking lots of good juices / detoxing sometimes, because it's very good for your skin! Most of the time when I don't wear make-up I put on red lipstick because it makes your skin look very nice and even!:) A light powder can also make your skin look charming without having to use heavy make up!
      Did this help you? If you have any more questions feel free to ask:)

  2. The pics are not so bad dont worry :) I also love Ikea there are lots of cute goodies :D



    1. Ahh, thank you I'm glad! Been very worried haha! ;p and yes Iknooow love it! :)

  3. Your home looks so lovely!!! Congrats on the new place:)