Monday, March 11, 2013

Kimono Style Coat

Hello my loves,

First of all - I'm sorry for not posting since Thursday I was meant to make a post on Friday after I took pictures but then the camera wouldn't connect to my laptop properly it was a mess 'til today! So on Friday I actually went to the opening of &other stories
(new brand from H&M) on Regent Street to interview people on their opinion with a friend and look at the new clothes.
If you're in  London then you should go have a look, I liked some of the things not all of them were my style as they some of them were quite masculine and boxy but I was a fan of the jewellery and sunglasses! Found some great leather pants too that I really liked.

I chose to wear my new coat, which reminds me a little bit of a Japanase Kimono I think it's super cool! I was in a hat mood that day too and it was also quite convenient since it was rainig:p I literally walked through the rain with my open pointy shoes, it wasn't raining when I left the house!
What do you think about the outfit?
Most of the pictures are taken at a wine store in Mayfair, since I went to buy some wine that day too, I really like the store design.

Hope everybody is having a great start of the week, it's freezing cold in London and snowing, jealous of everybody who is in the sun !

Lots of love,


Coat : Zara
Pants: Mango
Shoes: Zara 
Hat: Reiss
Jewellery: Asos


  1. Omg so much wine, I'm sure it's all very yummy haha.
    Love your kimono and those shoes!xx

  2. love the coat and the hat! :*


  3. what is the wine store called?